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About Grace 1 Networks

Grace 1 Networks is established with an aim to provide hands on training for IT students with an emphasis industry requirements right from its inception, we have an obsession with quality which has become hall mark of the institute till date. Grace 1 Networks has always targeted an extra mile to ensure the strategic knowledge transfer by real time industry experienced professionals to set backdrop for the best learning experience. We implement the best and modern teaching methodology keeping in mind of all sort of students. Grace 1 Networks course structure is comprehensive and scientifically designed by experts. We offer wide range of integrated training programs for students and employees. We at wifi techno assure of expertise, commitment and dedication.


VOIP Services

Grace 1 Networks provide reliable and high-quality wholesale long distance IP Voice, data, SMS services worldwide.




ADVANTAGES OF Grace 1 Networks

High Quality, Low Cost Calls, Save money using Grace 1 Networks products to call your friends and family.


Earn money selling Grace 1 Networks products in your country.

IT Services

With our application development team located in Hong Kong, our marketing team works on securing VAS opportunities throughout Africa.

Applications such as Mobile Money, Mobile Credit Top Up, and Electronic Customer Acquisition form (ECAf),Billing Software product are all examples of VAS that have been developed by our team for our customers.

VAS is quickly becoming a way to complete transactions outside of voice and fax completion, therefore we have developed this as a division within Grace 1 Networks Telecom.

IT Application Development Services

The Web technology has transformed the way companies do business. From procurement to payment processing, Web-based eCommerce solutions are creating new opportunities, streamlining processes and integrating operations. In the past few years, the Web has opened newer opportunities apart from doing eCommerce on the Web, like social networking sites, eLearning applications, etc. The right partner — one with proven expertise in extending business processes to the Web can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings that can be attained from implementing Web solutions.

Grace 1 Networks with its expertise in combinations of the technologies with broad-based domain experience can help clients in design and development of systems using client-server architecture with Windows based clients and UNIX or Windows NT based servers. Software development can be done using process oriented, as well as object oriented methodologies. Our process helps us deliver high-performance eBusiness and eCommerce solutions and services required for competitive differentiation.

We build and implement end-to-end eBusiness services and solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications.

Web Development

Grace1 Networks application development services are intended to serve businesses that require automation of process by an application. By judicious blend of Business analysis & Management with latest technology, Grace1 Networks develops state-of-the-art and custom applications to suit your business requirement. Grace1 Networks solutions enable reduction in the time and resources spent for a business process to take place for the clients, and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks.

We analyze a project and define its goals, and plan a detail roadmap to achieve those goals. By following a rigorous and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects, we turn project concepts into reality. With WIFI Techno as your software Outsourcing Partner, you can reap benefits of Offshore IT Outsourcing & “best-in-class" offshore application and software outsourcing services in India.

We develop the following type of applications:

  • Web Based Application
  • Internet (With web hosters)
  • Intranet (Hosted on your servers)
  • Windows Application
  • With Internet Database
  • Local Database

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Grace 1 Networks Pte Ltd.

33 Ubi Avenue, 3#08-13
Vertex Tower B
Singapore - 408868

+ 65 9779 7512

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